With its crystal clear waters, Paradise Bay is a safe haven for those looking to get away.​

Found in the very north of Malta, close to the Gozo channel Ferry, Paradise Bay is one of the smallest beaches in Malta. The beach offers the opportunity for snorkeling as well as being considered as one of the safest beaches for swimming. With a large amount of stairs leading down to the beach, the bay is considerably well-kept surrounded by a number of fields.

A full service restaurant complex is available serving hot and cold food, toilets, sunbeds, canoe hire as well as a small shop selling inflatables.  A large car park at the top of the stairs means that a parking space is guaranteed no matter how busy the beach is.

Consisting out of a limestone reef, Paradise Bay offers the perfect getaway for those seeking peace and tranquility. Providing the added advantage of a view of the island of Comino with its imposing tower, Paradise Bay also makes a great location for a wedding reception due to its restrictive size adding a more exclusive feeling.

A diving school is also present and open all year round at a nearby hotel. The beach is also very popular as a venue for beach parties such as the LoveSexy event which is held at this beach annually.