Behind its fortified walls, Mdina’s timeless beauty has been mesmerising nobilities throughout its 4000 years of existence.


With narrow, cobbled streets shrouded in an air of mystery, Mdina will snatch you away from the present and transport you back in time. Malta’s old Capital Mdina has been known under a range of different names based on its rulers and its role over a span of 4,000 years since it was founded. Mostly known as Citta Notabile (The noble city), this name suits her to a T since it has been home to Malta’s most noble and dignified families, some of which  are descendants of the Norman, Sicilian and Spanish overlords who have made Mdina their home  in centuries past.

Embarking on this journey back in time, you will discover an astonishing mix of baroque and medieval architecture in its ever-winding streets, wonderfully adorned and preserved churches, majestic palaces and fortified walls that turn this silent city into an outdoor museum.

Given its timeless and classic view of past centuries, Mdina’s entrances are one of the most striking entries to a town along with those in Rhodes and Pitigliano. The value of Mdina means there is a restriction in place on the entry of cars, so it remains a silent city due to its very quiet and calm atmosphere brimming with hidden treasures that will entice you with their allure.

Perched on top of a plateau, Mdina is also host to a Cathedral which suffered extensive damage through a devastating earthquake in 1693 and rebuilt by Lorenzo Gafa’ in 1702.  The Cathedral’s floor is paved and decorated with marble tombstones that display details such as the coat of arms of the bishops of Mdina and of other significant members of the Cathedral.

Oozing of luxury and nobility, Mdina offers visitors a most discreet insight that only few people can experience and witness during their lifetime. Dive back into time and reacquaint yourself with a classic city. Mdina surpasses the visitors’ imagination by staying frozen in a time of elegance and timeless beauty.