gastronomic delights in Malta


Drawing its influences from its neighbouring countries, Maltese food is well known for its aromatic flavours.​

Sweeping you away to its shores, Malta's food and drink has been heavily influenced and has had its plates savored by the very essence of the Mediterranean Sea. Entrancing foreigners with foods oozing aromas and enticing flavours, the Maltese are renowned for their keen eye for gastronomical tastes. 

Embracing all that is Mediterranean, olive oil and garlic will garnish most of the food combined with a fusion of Italian and Mediterranean cuisines that should be making your mouth water. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the Maltese culture, then try one of the local favourites –

Fenkata (Rabbit Stew) which is cooked in either tomato sauce or red wine and perfectly marinated with garlic.  

Most restaurants serve soups as starters. If soup is more your thing, then the most common one is the Minestra which is a combination of vegetables and beans while the Kusksu bean-based soup is also a local favourite.

If delectable pasta recipes make your taste buds tingle then the Mqarrun il-Forn, which is a combination of eggs, peas or chicken liver topped with grate cheese is just for you. Inspired by Ravioli, Ravjul is another celebrated dish mixed with sheep’s cheese.

Other recipes that are equally as tasty and that are prominent in Maltese kitchens include meat, fish pasta and various delicious soups lest not forgetting the popularity of pork dishes such as grilled pork cuts or stuffed flank.

There's no better way to experience the flavours of the Mediterranean than by trying out Malta's food & drink. Book your foodie holiday today.