Your medical needs on our flights


We want to help improve the accessibility of air travel to passengers with medical needs such as reduced mobility. For this reason, we have set up a number of guidelines to ensure that such needs are understood and provided with the right level of service. 

Health Procedures: For the safety of all, we make sure that all passengers accepted on board our aircraft are in a good state of health and fit to fly. Passengers suffering from certain medical conditions are required to obtain a certificate allowing them to fly, available from our medical doctor. Our Medical Help Desk can be contacted on Tel : +356 22999296, or email.

Mobility assistance:We follow the standard definition of mobility-impaired passengers as issued by the Association of European Airlines to ensure that you will find constant support and a level of service appropriate for the situation. This includes any passenger who requires: 

  • a stretcher or incubator on board the aircraft 
  • oxygen supply on board the aircraft 
  • an extra seat to accommodate leg elevation 
  • support in movement due to a serious illness or injury 
  • pregnancy support
  • use of other medical equipment 

Assistance with wheelchairs:  If you or another passenger requires wheelchair support, we provide a number of services. Learn more here.

Booking: Depending on the medical condition in question, it may be necessary to prepare a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) and submit it in advance of their travel arrangements for due review and approval by Air Malta. A fee of €15 per MEDIF applies.  

Dedicated support: We give you individual attention. If you need further information about our policies for passengers with medical needs, simply call the Air Malta Medical Help Desk on

Medical syringes: As long as you carry a valid medical prescription with you, you are allowed to bring your pre-filled low-molecular-weight heparin syringes into the cabin carried in your hand baggage.  

Provision of in-flight oxygen: If your medical needs require you to receive in-flight oxygen, we will be able to accommodate you. However we are only able to provide a limited extra oxygen supply on board, so please contact our Medical Help Desk on tel : +356 22999296, or email [email protected]. Please be aware that the costs of providing extra oxygen is 115 EUR per sector and must be paid in advance. We recommend that you contact your health insurance or private health care provider about the possibility of having these costs refunded.