In cases when not everything goes to plan and you miss a flight, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the support you need. Below, you will find specific instructions on what you should do when you experience missed , delayed or cancelled flights with Air Malta. 

If you miss your flight: While we understand that sometimes external circumstances might cause you to be late for your booked flight, if this happens you will need to make a new booking. You should always check the closing times for checking-in on Air Malta as you will not be allowed to check-in after this time.

If you want to cancel your booking: If you think you won’t make it to the airport on time, your reservation can be cancelled or the dates changed up to 1 day before departure by contacting the Air Malta Sales Office in the country of your location, and/or our International Call Centre. 

If a ticket has already been issued, we will apply a charge for cancellation or re-booking as the case may be. The actual charge amount will depend on the fare you have paid.

Remember, unless you book your return flight separately, it is considered part of the same trip. Make sure you make use of your outbound flight or advise us ahead of time if you need to cancel or change your booking.  

Refunds and Travel Classes: Unfortunately, as part of the travel classes conditions, we cannot offer you a refund or free rebooking if you have a Saver ticket.  If you have the right coverage and your flight was missed for legitimate reasons, such as medical issues, your travel insurance provider might cover the cost of a missed flight. If you have a Flexi ticket, there is more flexibility to cancel or change your booking, and get a tax refund. You should check your exact conditions on your ticket to see if this is possible. Read more about travel classes.

Delayed or Changed Flights: As with every other airline, a small percentage of our flights will encounter some technical issue or other concern which will lead to a delay in departure or a change in routing. Should this happen, we will give you a call for adequate notice and provide you with an alternative. You should also read the delay notice to see what support and reimbursements you are entitled to.

Cancelled Flights: We are proud of our ability to get you where you want to go on time and in comfort. However in the rare case of a cancelled flight which you have no control over, you should consult our cancellation notice to see what you are entitled to.

If you miss a connecting flight:  If a delayed flight causes you to miss a connecting flight to another airline, you should be provided with an alternative routing to your final destination. However, if your itinerary is on separate tickets, we are only responsible for your journey up to the destination on your ticket.

If the flight is overbooked: Like every major airline, every flight we operate will have a number of passengers who fail to turn up to use their ticket. As is standard international practice, in an attempt to match the number of seats to the actual passengers present, we take slightly more bookings for each flight than we have capacity for. As a result, a small portion of our flights might be overbooked. 

We regret the inconvenience this causes to our loyal passengers and are committed to help you as much as possible should you face this situation. Our passenger handling staff from the airport will be happy to provide you with assistance. For more information on overbooked situations please read our denied boarding compensation notice