Taste Malta: Nenu the Artisan Baker

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Oh the food! The food!  You simply can’t leave Malta without visiting the restaurant offering the best of local cuisine. There’s one restaurant in which you can literally taste Malta – Nenu’s Restaurant, Nenu the Artisan Baker in the capital, Valletta, or at the village core of Mġarr.


Words by Maypole | Extract taken from August's 2022 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


Local Dining

The restaurant, both in Valletta and Mġarr offers diners a vast range of local cuisine, along with local beer, soft drinks and liquors.


Some of the most popular local dishes include blistered octopus, brown meagre, fish soup, caponata, seasonal fish and many others. Nenu’s have also recently launched a few set menus, giving customers the opportunity to try out many different local flavours in one meal.


“You simply have to visit Nenu before leaving Malta. It’s a must!”


That’s what Tara said in her review on Tripadvisor.  We urge you to consider paying a visit and, quite literally, enjoy the taste of Malta.  Over a thousand reviews declared the restaurant an unmissable and the best in terms of local cuisine.





Carmel Debono, affectionately known as Nenu, wanted to create a complete Maltese dining experience. A baker by profession, Nenu’s lifestyle revolved around the passion for Maltese bread, which is central to any local dish. 


Back in the days, Maltese families used to take their homemade dishes to the local baker, to have them baked in a traditional oven.  The resulting mouth-watering taste is legendary, so much so that the few remaining traditional bakers still offer this service.




Nenu’s restaurant offers the same style of cooking, thus guaranteeing that unique delicious taste you will enjoy.


Booking recommended

Booking in advance is highly recommended and you can easily book your table by email on [email protected], which will you put you in direct contact with our Restaurant Manager, Mr Ian Gatt, who will make sure to provide you with a personalised service. You can also opt to book online on www.nenuthebaker.com


Find Nenu on Social Media,

@nenuthebaker on both Facebook & Instagram.


Mġarr: 4, Triq il-Kbira, L-Imġarr. Tel: +356 2258 1570

Valletta: 143, St Dominic Street, Valletta. Tel: +356 2258 1535



Take a photo of this page and a get a FREE glass of wine when dining at Nenu the Artisan Baker in Valletta or Mġarr. Valid until 30th September 2022.