Air Malta Cargo Systems is a fully-fledged department providing cargo marketing and sales, handling and warehouse management services.

This department offers the following services:


Aerospeed Courier Express

'Aerospeed Courier Express' is the express courier wholesale product offered to all Courier Companies. This product guarantees personalised service, fast airport transfers, capacities and frequencies to/from Malta, Brussels, London Heathrow, Tripoli and Rome... More 

Training and Information Systems

Air Malta CargoSystems provide full training (basic, refreshers and advanced) through IATA approved and qualified instructors... More 

Cargo Terminal Services

Air Malta Cargo Systems and Transhipment Centre provides for Cargo Terminal services at Malta 24 hrs a day and offers facilities of: Warehousing (Import/Export/Courier),Transhipment... More   


Customers making use of Premium Cargo product benefit from Priority booking and service level. More 

Tracing and Tracking

Through Champ online Cargo Tracking System facility you can get real time status information on your shipment. Simply submit the AWB number and the system will automatically retrieve and display the current status of your cargo... Click here