Top Tips For A Summer Getaway In Gozo – Your Classic Summer Holiday Destination

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As 2022 unfolds, the warm weather is already heralding summer in Gozo. A quick look at the countryside already displays the emerald hues turning into fields of gold. It’s high time to plan your Gozo summer getaway and enjoy a thoroughly Mediterranean classic holiday destination packed with places to visit and things to do in summer in Gozo.


Words by VisitGozo / Ministry for Gozo | Extract taken from May's 2022 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


Gozo lives its life outdoors in summer. A summer holiday in Gozo is about basking in everything that goes on around you.  The island buzzes with the pace of the life of Gozitans and summer is when the calendar of events peaks with activities and events.  


If you’ve been feeling deprived of indulging in wanderlust, make sure that your 2022 summer holiday destination is a Gozo story.  Like good stories, it needs time, so do not settle for a weekend break or a one-day hop! Savour the island and capture the moment for great memories. Make accommodation arrangements according to your style and budget. From the casual, down-to-earth and budget-conscious stays to the more elaborate and opulent poolside luxury hideaways, there’s a variety of hotels, B&Bs, boutique hotels, farmhouses and home rentals.  


As an island, one of the ways of best describing Gozo is saying that it is a top Mediterranean beach destination. The topography of the island has connived in such a way that no beach is like another. It’s no secret that the nymph Calypso called Gozo home, and not a simple twist of fate that Ulysses took seven years to muster the courage and leave the rocky inlets, sandy coves, idyllic secret swimming spots and the red-sandy beaches on the northern side of the island.



For some, a summer holiday is about a blissful morning at the beach engrossed in a book, but there is no doubt that the glistening blues have a magical appeal.  It’s difficult to avoid dipping into the refreshing water or enjoying a boat ride. At the top of the list of things to do in Gozo in summer is water sports. This can take the form of the effervescent exhilaration of towables and jet skiing but there are more evocative adventures like diving into the deep blue, canoeing and step-up paddling. A beach holiday is an adventure in itself!


Take time to tour the island. Start your Gozo summer getaway at the centre and explore Victoria, the hub of the island that comes complete with a string of magnificent churches and a medieval Citadel. Stop at a café’ for a coffee or a gelato. Tour the villages and admire the typical local honey-coloured houses. 


Once in the countryside, your summer vacation should include a visit to a farming estate. Ask for the quintessential summer snack ħobż biż-żejt, a crusty and rustic type of sandwich that is spread with crushed fresh tomatoes, capers, olives and a dash of green olive oil. Complete this with a slice of ripe red watermelon and that is your summer in Gozo! Make sure you ask for DOK Gozo wines, as the microclimate of the island gives rise to a speciality.    


If you’re keen on history, Gozo’s map is a treasure trove of sightseeing spots to seek out. Among the top places to visit are Ġgantija temples and the Xewkija windmill, but equally epic is a tour of the coastal towers.


Gozo summer evenings are a beautiful never-ending affair. For a laid-back evening, you can spend your summer vacation days at the water’s edge dining at one of the restaurants in Marsalforn, Xlendi or Mġarr harbour.  You can opt for a drink at a typical local bar in the village square. Otherwise, seek out the more energetic nightspots pulsating with the summer night music vibe.  


All of this is experienced in the overlapping village festa scene. Experience a whole cacophony of vibrant colours, banners, euphoric music and jubilant street revelling alongside the religious traditions all in honour of the beloved patron saints on an island where summer nights are not just about starry skies but impressive displays of fugacious fireworks.