Things to do in Malta in 2022

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A small island with much to offer, Malta is the perfect travel destination. Here are some recommendations for holidays in Malta in 2022; from where to stay, places to visit, and activities to do.


Best places to stay

Our top choice for accommodation this year is boutique hotels, which provide the ideal isolation spot for a safe stay. Guaranteeing a luxurious, comfortable stay, boutique hotels are oriented towards individuals, rather than massive groups. This means there is superior customer service with personal attention to guests, where one’s comfort and special requirements are given the utmost importance. It is a great way to seek out local experiences, food and products, as well as enjoy activities recommended by the hotel.



Where to visit

Each town and village in the Maltese Islands is interesting in its own right, but if you don’t have a lot of time, these are the places you simply must visit.

Valletta, the capital city of Malta, is definitely a must-see. With a history of over 450 years, this Baroque cultural city offers a multitude of museums, shops, restaurants and cafeterias. Its unparalleled architecture and views of the sea and beyond, particularly from the Upper Barrakka Gardens, make it a favourite among many locals and tourists. Plus, it is very easy to reach by bus, which is a great bonus.


The view from the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta

Up next is Mdina, which was the capital city before Valletta. It is an ancient, fortified city, known for its silence and solitude. You can enjoy magnificent sights while having coffee and a cake, or a glass of wine at sundown. Click here to read more about Mdina!

Speaking of, you should highly consider visiting Golden Sands and Dingli Cliffs, due to their stunning sunset scenery. Golden Sands is a beautiful sandy beach, one of Malta’s finest, whilst the Dingli Cliffs, which are the highest points on the islands, offer a spectacular panoramic view of the clear blue sea below.


The sunset at Dingli Cliffs

Other popular spots are Marsaxlokk, a unique fishing village; Victoria and Citadella, in Gozo; the Three Cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua; Blue Lagoon, in Comino; and the Sliema and St. Julian's cosmopolitan areas.


Activities to do

There are plenty of things to do on the islands, such as visiting museums, churches and temples, or going on hikes in rural areas like Bahrija. When you're done touring the grand cities and quaint villages, sit back and unwind. Everyone knows that Malta’s sandy and rocky beaches offer the most relaxing, sun-soaked summer days, but swimming is not the only thing you can do! Try snorkelling, scuba diving, renting boats and other water sports to get the most out of the crystal clear waters.

And you cannot visit Malta without trying the local cuisine! Eat fresh fish by the sea, perhaps sat by a 'luzzu' (traditional fishing boat). Try a ‘pastizz’ (savoury pastry) from one of the many shops around the islands, and dine at a traditional Maltese restaurant, for the ultimate local cuisine experience.


'Luzzu' boats in Marsaxlokk

Please make sure to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines when travelling, and we wish you the best and safest travels!

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