Six Top Sights in May!

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 Extract taken from May's 2022 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


Bridge to Birgu

Birgu is the neighbouring city to Senglea and one of the Three Cities. You can take a shortcut to Birgu from Senglea by crossing the bridge. You can find this bridge not far from the border of the two cities.



Church of Our Lady of Victory

Originally built in 1580 to commemorate Malta’s defence of the Ottoman siege of 1565, this church was destroyed in the Second World War. It was rebuilt in the 1960s and boasts amazing artwork and an impressive dome. You can find a memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Second World War and a beautiful wooden statue of the Virgin Mary which is encased in silver.



The Gardjola

A beautiful garden situated in the northern tip of Senglea. It was planned in 1551. You can get a beautiful panoramic view of Valletta, Marsa, the Grand Harbour and Fort St Angelo from here. The guard tower called “Il-Gardjola” is located within the garden and has various symbols engraved on it. You might find this popular landmark in many brochures in Malta.



Statue Madonna Tan-Nofs

This statue was erected as a thanksgiving to the Virgin Mary for protecting the people of Senglea from a devastating plague that hit the island in 1813.



Hammet's MaCina

Originally built by the Knights of Malta in 1554, the Maċina was used for the hoisting and lowering of masts onto ships. It has been recently renovated and is the perfect spot for you to enjoy a wonderful meal after exploring Senglea.



St Philip's church

First built in the 15th century and rebuilt in 1561, this church was damaged in World War Two. It has subsequently been repaired and is a popular venue for weddings and boasts a beautiful domed ceiling with amazing paintings.