Sliema Malta

The rocky shore of Sliema and St Julian’s offers a relaxing spot for sunbathing and enjoying long afternoons in the sun

The coastline from Sliema to St Julian’s is rocky with flat rocks making it a very popular place to swim and sunbathe during the hot summer months.

Since this coastline is very long, you are guaranteed to find a spot which is less busy.  With stunning deep blue clear waters, the coast has a few beach clubs or lidos, where sun-beds, water sports and other facilities are available. The most popular beach clubs are the Tigne area, Qui-si-Sana, Ghar id-Dud, Exiles, Surfside and Fond Ghadir – all sought-after places in the afternoons to relax.

A walk to the north by the Sliema front will take you to Balluta Square in St Julian’s. With a vast selection of restaurants and cafeterias, the area is based in the heart of the entertainment centre. 

The coast road between Sliema and St Julian’s features a number of hotels, restaurants, shops and cafes. Both locals as well as tourists enjoy walking up and down this long stretch besides the beach.  During the winter months, waves smash against the coast, providing a most magnificent spectacle.