This natural ​ cove surrounded by beautiful scenery offers swimmers a safe sheltered swim in the shimmering blue-green waters. 

Situated just outside of the limits of Siggiewi, Ghar Lapsi is nestled below a stretch of Dingli Cliffs. Meaning ‘Ascension Cave’ in English, Ghar Lapsi was named by the local fishermen who had built a shrine here.

Located around a kilometer from Blue Grotto, Ghar Lapsi is a natural rocky swimming pool with a cave to compliment the surrounding areas. Apart from a few small areas of flat rock, there is no extended area for sunbathing so the area is mostly enjoyable for a lovely swim.

A popular spot with fishermen, Ghar Lapsi transforms itself into a natural swimming pool attracting numerous snorkeling enthusiasts, divers and tourists. This natural cove offers extraordinary blue-green waters safe for a sheltered swim.

During the colder months, Ghar Lapsi is ideal for hiking tours and rock climbing while enjoying some of the most stunning views.  From Lapsi, you will be able to admire the village of Siggiewi and the 16th century Verdala Palace. You will also be able to see the uninhabited island of Filfla from afar.

Ghar Lapsi is increasingly popular with divers for its reefs that stretch for 200 metres.  Some of the fish species that inhabit the area include seahorses, eels and rays amongst other species.
The boat houses next to Ghar Lapsi double up as snack bars during the warm summer months while there is also a bar and restaurant open all year round.