Air Malta offers passengers the opportunity to purchase the Go First service. By purchasing this product, passengers are able to board the aircraft first and guarantee that they are able to carry their hand luggage onboard. Additionally, passengers are able to skip the queue at the departure gate. You may find the conditions of the Go First product below.


Terms and Conditions


Any customer purchasing Air Malta Go First service is considered to have read, understood and accepted the Conditions.


Purchasing the service


Service is to be booked and paid instantly, otherwise Air Malta would not be able to guarantee service fulfilment. Go First product costs €10 or 1000KMiles per passenger per way.

Go First product may be purchased by visiting our Air Malta Shop. It may be purchased up to 3 hours prior to departure the latest.

The Go First product  may also be purchased by redeeming KMiles at least 3 days in advance of your trip. Contact Flypass on +356 2599 1239 or [email protected]. This is only Applicable on selected routes, kindly click here to see the route list which Go First can be redeemed using KMiles. 

Go First product must be purchased per passenger per way.

In the event of a family with children over 5 years or group travel, companion travellers do not get the service free of charge unless such guest/s have also purchased the service (every guest would have to pay for it separately).

Go First Boarding fee applies equally to adults and children (age 5 and up).

Priority boarding will still be offered free of charge to Business Class guests, Diamond members and families with infants and children under 5years of age.


Service variations


The Go First product is available from the departure airports specified above. Please be informed that the service may not have the same delivery process at all times. In general, the Go First product entitles guests to completing the boarding formalities at dedicated boarding lanes. At times, guests do not board the aircraft immediately after completing boarding formalities at the boarding gate but need to be transported to the apron to get onboard the aircraft. This is strictly a decision made by the respective airport management teams and might differ from flight to flight. Air Malta is not authorised to control such decisions. Therefore, the Go First product entitles the guest to skip the queue at the departure gate.

Boarding the aircraft first will only be possible if a dedicated priority boarding lane has been set up. This might not always be the case and might differ from flight to flight basis based on the airport’s operational decisions and reasons. Air Malta does not have control over airport’s operational decisions and in cases of last-minute changes of the boarding gate/process for Air Malta flights, Air Malta is not deemed responsible if the service has not been delivered (even if the passenger previously paid for it).

In exceptional circumstances where the service was not given, such cases, guests are encouraged to  contact Air Malta customer care . Please keep the original receipt as a valid proof of purchase to be able to refer to in such cases.

Any requests for compensations would not be considered by Air Malta if submitted later than one month after the date of the flight.


Using the service

Passengers do not earn additional KMiles by purchasing and/or using the service.

All passengers who purchased the service are advised to bring along the proof of purchase (in any form - electronic or paper) when travelling. This product is also written on your boarding card. In the event of a system error and/or shutdown, Air Malta would request its guests to show a valid proof of purchase otherwise the service might not be delivered. Valid proof of purchase is a receipt. Payment slip transaction is not a valid proof of purchase.


Refunds & complaints


Go First product is non-refundable, and Air Malta expressly reserves the right in its absolute discretion to discontinue the service at any time or to refuse to sell it to any specific customer and, if sold, to cancel and not deliver the service. Air Malta will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by a purchaser resulting from such refusal, cancellation, or denial.

Air Malta reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions of Go First product at any time without giving any prior notice and/ or assigning any reason. The passengers that at the time of the amendment already have bought the service, will be subjected to the Terms & Conditions they accepted when buying the service initially, unless they were informed and accepted amendments to Terms & Conditions.