Christmas time in Malta


A magical time for most of the locals, Christmas is a special time for the Maltese. Engrossed in tradition, Christmas is a staple favourite holiday time. ​

We love Christmas time in Malta!  And we highlight the magical time of Christmas time in Malta with a series of events that are highly apt for this special and merry period. Since Malta is predominantly Catholic, a staple must in the Maltese culture is to attend the traditional Midnight Mass Service held at each locality.

Streets are lined with Christmas decorations and Christmas carols are blasted out from speakers that will get you into the festive spirit with ease. 

A special service is held at St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta complete with candlelit carol singing. Several parishes all over the islands are transformed delightfully during advent with flowers and nativity cribs adorning them. Altars are embellished with flowers and the interiors are beautifully decked out in crimson. All churches have a calendar of events ranging from processions to children carol singing.

Expect food, lots of good food which is very typical of Malta. Christmas time sees renowned restaurants excel at what they do best by presenting you with an eclectic mix of Maltese traditional delicious goodness. Don’t forget the lights!! Lights are everywhere, beaming from Maltese windows, the streets and just about anywhere, we can hang lights onto. 

But let’s not overlook religious traditions and folklore - and there will be plenty, at over 460 parish churches all over Malta and Gozo. If that is not enough, expect nativity scenes complete with a live donkey and cow.

Lest not forget the much loved and well attended Christmas pantomime held in various localities all over Malta and Gozo with the most popular one held within the regal walls of the Manoel Theatre in Valletta.

With so much to do and so much to see, the only problem will be trying to attend everything that is on your schedule.