This European gem is the centre for EU institutions and is renowned for its fine chocolate shops to treat the sweet tooth.​

It’s widely known as the capital of Europe, but beyond housing the central  EU institutions and visiting Eurocrats, the city is a paradise for shoppers, history buffs, and lovers of good food and drink.  

Brussels is well known for its gourmet goodies. The abundance of fine chocolate shops will tempt the most puritanical traveller.

Famous for the tastiest pralines (Brussels native Jean Neuhaus invented the praline 100 years ago), the city’s purveyors of fine chocolate creations are taking this old-fashioned favourite to new heights, with exotic flavours like cardamom, lavender and passion fruit, but the temptation doesn’t end there.  

Brussels is also famous for other gustatory treats, including mussels, served in the famous dish moules frites. And if you’re feeling thirsty, Brussels delivers – this city boasts over 500 brews to choose from. Share a magnum (3 litres) of a unique local brew while relaxing at the Grand Place

For the more active, walking around this European gem will allow you to soak in the true character of the city. You’ll find some great museums, including the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, with over 2000 exhibits featuring Belgium and Europe’s finest masterpieces, including works from BruegelBosch, Rubens, and Magritte.

As for Magritte, being a Belgian native, there’s an entire museum dedicated to his works: the Magritte Museum. Museum entrance is free on the first Wednesday of every month. 

If retail therapy is at the top of the list on your travel agenda, head to Avenue Louise, a beautiful tree-lined avenue famous for its shops. Bargain hunters can hit the streets, sourcing everything from art to kitchenware, but it’s the Fashionista in you that’s in for the biggest treat. Most of all, this shopping heaven caters for high-fashion lovers so you’ll find the latest catwalk trends all in one place.