For many, the self-catering option is more than just a way of stretching the holiday budget - it’s a whole different experience.​

From the privacy of a secluded beach bungalow, to the charm of a quaint farmhouse nestled in an alley next to the village church, avoiding the sometimes impersonal option of a hotel can lead to a better understanding of the local culture and a closer connection with the local inhabitants.

There’s a wider option of self-catering establishments in Gozo than there is in Malta, possibly due to the large amount of Maltese visitors who holiday on their sister island and look for the best bargains. The most popular option for self-catering is the renovated farmhouse. Gozo is chock-full of quaint, tastefully restored rural houses in tiny villages, most of which come with all the amenities, including a pool. Of course, there are some concessions you’ll have to make, like being woken up early to the sound of a nearby rooster, but this is all part of the fun.

For an even better deal, self-catering apartments are an ideal choice. They’re often much cheaper than hotels and farmhouses, and they’re usually very well equipped (though you’re unlikely to find a swimming pool when renting an apartment).  You should have no problems finding holiday rentals even in the most popular towns like Victoria and Mgarr.

Gozo offers a great selection of restaurants, bars, grocery stores and supermarkets. You’ll also find street hawkers selling beautiful, fresh produce on practically every corner. If you’re planning on cooking your own meals, this is a great opportunity to try out the local fare. Pop into one of the many butchers and don’t be shy about asking what the locals are cooking. The Gozitans are proud of their cuisine and will be more than happy to share their recipes with you.