"When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have." - Sir Winston Churchill ​

Gozo (and Malta) have a lot of history with horses. You only need to look back to the famous tales of the Knights of Malta to realise that. The European nobles of their time would not be seen without their trusted mount representing the knight’s colours and matching armour. 
The long presence of the Knights of Malta led to the traditional bulls and donkeys to be replaced with horses by Maltese farmers for the first time since the Romans.

Horse-riding is a fun, different and an exhilarating way to explore the picturesque and unspoilt countryside of Gozo. Suitable for a beginner or the most experienced rider various horse riding stables in Gozo can provide you with the right type of horse for a stunning ride.
Rides typically last between one and two hours as you pass through the beautiful valleys and passages of Gozo and on the shores and coastline of the Eastern tip of the island. You are assured an adventure to remember for a life time.
If you are looking for a horse riding break or a horse carriage tour many stables in Gozo offer horse riding holidays and all inclusive packages. Typically focused on families and couples many are returning time and time again to take advantage of the various activities including trail rides, stationary rides, instructional riding holidays and a horse riding safari or short break rides.

All the horses provided are well trained and experienced riding coaches supervise at all times adhering to the highest of safety standards. Many of the stables also offer additional activities such as scuba diving, country walks, fishing and sailing.

Popular with those getting married and honeymooners are the beautiful, preserved and traditional horse drawn carriages that have been kept through the generations and help add that fairy tale twist to anyone’s special day. However, it doesn’t have to be your special day to board a horse drawn carriage as many stables will also offer tours throughout the year.