Gozo Safari


Rent a jeep or quad-bike, grab a map and set out for an exciting off-road adventure on Gozo's country roads!​

If you’re more of a path-less-travelled-by person, then an off-road adventure in Gozo may be just the thing for you. Break free from the typical tourist routes and follow nothing but a map and your instinct as you ride over tough terrain, navigating from village to village. 

This little island is ideal for such an adventure. Even at a reasonably relaxed pace, and with little map reading skills (it’s even easier if you’re using GPS, but certainly not necessary), you can cover the island’s major sites in a day or two. The most common vehicle used for these safari-type adventures is a soft-top jeep that seats 4 -6 persons, available for rent from most of the island’s car rental companies at a reasonable price. Quad bikes are also available for rent, although not ideal if you have young ones in tow.

Once you’ve rented your jeep or quad bike, plan out your itinerary, or, just wing it – at only 14 Km wide and 7 Km long, there’s not much chance of you getting lost, at least not for more than a couple of entertaining hours, and this often adds to the fun.

For the less intrepid, a village to village jaunt is the ideal. Drive along the country roads connecting Gozo’s small towns and villages and just stop wherever you see something that takes your fancy. Gozo’s attractions are easy to get to and sometimes, it’s just a majestic view that beckons you to park your vehicle where you are and take it all in.  Apart from the island’s capital of Victoria, parking is rarely an issue on Gozo. 

If you fancy yourself a bit of a skilled off-roader, then you can opt for the more remote areas in the North and West of the Island. Gozo’s hilly landscape is perfect for adventure lovers, and this part of the island offers some stunning views.

Be sure to check with the rental car agency exactly what you’re permitted to do and where you’re allowed to take the vehicle, and always observe property ownership signs.  Most of all, though, use common sense and respect the local’s way of life.