If any of your checked baggage is missing or damaged on arrival at your destination’s airport, please report this to an Air Malta staff member or representative immediately. Any claims must be submitted in writing within seven days. As the carrier's liability for Air Malta lost luggage, delayed or damaged is limited; passengers are advised to obtain private travel insurance. All claims are subject to proof of damage.

Please note that your baggage may show signs of wear and tear as a result of baggage handling. You are therefore advised to use baggage that is of suitable quality and durability to withstand such baggage handling processes.

Air Malta shall accept no liability for wear and tear caused to baggage, including, but not limited to minor cuts, scratches, zips, stains and dents or damage to items protruding from baggage such as handles, wheels, labels and straps. In addition Air Malta shall accept no liability for damage caused to baggage that is over-packed.

Air Malta’s liability for delay, loss of or damage to baggage may be limited by international conventions unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid.

Our commitment: We will endeavour to trace any lost baggage within the earliest possible time. In the unlikely event of a bag remaining untraced after 21 days, we will initiate procedures to refund you with the cost of the lost bag and its contents. If a passenger is covered by personal travel insurance, the insurer should be contacted first. We are not liable for any minor damage suffered through normal wear-and-tear baggage handling.

For further information, kindly click here. You can also call our Baggage Call Centre on +356 2369 6135.

If your baggage is damaged: If any of your checked baggage is missing or damaged on arrival at your destination airport, please report this to an Air Malta staff member or representative immediately.

A report will be issued and you must submit your claim in writing to  [email protected] as soon as possible.

In exceptional circumstances, damaged luggage can be reported within 7 days of arrival, as long as you have proof that the damage was caused while your baggage was under the care of the airline concerned, together with the correct baggage receipt. The baggage receipt is given to you at check-in at your departure airport.

As the carrier's liability for baggage loss, delay or damage is limited; passengers are advised to obtain private travel insurance.  Please note that Insurer will request the report issued by Air Malta on your arrival.

If your luggage doesn’t arrive to be reclaimed: Please advise Air Malta or the Air Malta representative immediately. The Baggage Services desk is usually situated in the Baggage Reclaim area of an Arrivals Lounge. You will need to present your flight ticket and the baggage receipts which were given to you at check-in for your journey. A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) should be filled in immediately and we will then start the process of tracing your missing baggage.

Once the lost-baggage details have been entered into our worldwide baggage tracing system, you can check on the status of the baggage search by visiting the Lost Baggage page on www.airmalta.com, or by clicking here.

Remember. Unless the correct baggage receipt is presented to us, we are not liable for any missing baggage. Nonetheless we will inform the departure airport about the matter.

Timelines of recovering lost baggage: As soon as you fill in the Property Irregularity Report at the Arrivals Baggage Reclaim Area, we will send a tracer (electronic communication) to the flight’s point of origin. If the bag is traced immediately, it will be forwarded on the next available flight. If it is not traced immediately, a second tracer is sent to several destinations until a match is received. It will then be forwarded as soon as possible.

If you lost or forgot an item on board:  Before you disembark our crew will remind you to check if you have all your possessions. However, if you find that something is missing, you should immediately contact Air Malta or Air Malta’s representative in the Arrivals Hall. You will need to provide your flight and seat numbers, as well as a description of the missing property.
Keep in mind that the earlier you do this, the higher the chance of easily locating and retrieving your lost property, as the aircraft is cleared as soon as you disembark and will need to be prepared for another journey.

If you only realise after you have left the airport that you have forgotten some property on board the aircraft, please contact our Baggage Services Office in Malta on Tel : +356 2369 6135 or by email, who will do the utmost to retrieve your item, and get back in touch if they’re found. The office is open daily from Monday to Sunday between 08:00 and 20:00.

Identifying your baggage: Adding your own baggage label is highly recommended as it will help us to identify the bag as yours in the unlikely event that the check-in tag is torn off. If you don’t have a baggage label, you can request one at all our check-in counters.

Connecting flights: If you are travelling with Air Malta and then connecting with a further Air Malta flight or a flight operated by another carrier, you can check-in your baggage once for carriage to your final destination only if:

  • you hold a confirmed reservation for both journeys on the same ticket;
  • your trip includes a stop (travelling in transit);
  • we have a baggage-handling agreement with the second airline you are travelling with.

You can ask for further directions from our staff at the airport who will be happy to guide you on checking-in your baggage.