The Corporate Product


Introducing Air Malta's very own Corporate Product, a tailor-made product specifically designed for corporate entities whose employees travel frequently on business trips. This product has been available since April 2013 and, being The Airline of the Maltese Islands, we find pride in handling the day-to-day travel arrangements of the majority of locally based businesses. The information provided will give you a brief insight on the benefits incorporated within this product.



Receive expert advice and avail yourself from additional benefits on a 24/7 basis!

The Corporate Help Desk, assisted by our Call Centre and the MIA Sales Office, will provide you with expert advice on a 24/7 basis when it comes to point to point flight bookings, as well as connection flights and long-haul travel. When booking direct Air Malta operated scheduled flights, our sales team will provide you with quotations for  tickets with  added benefits, such as flexibility, refundability, together with an extended ticketing time limit. The latter benefit will give you ample time to plan and coordinate your business trip prior to purchasing your flight tickets, which will help you save a lot of money in the long run. This product is also available via our esteemed local travel trade partners specialising in corporate traffic. 


Attractive Corporate Reward!

We value our business partners’ loyalty and support, therefore we are currently offering an attractive Corporate Reward Scheme to all those companies who manage to reach the pre-set minimum benchmark as per the Corporate Agreement. Tickets purchased via the designated booking platforms  covered by a valid Corporate Travel Agreement with Air Malta will qualify for this Corporate Reward Scheme. 

In order for an entity to be eligible for participation under this Corporate Product, it first needs to be accepted for participation by Air Malta (in Air Malta’s sole and absolute discretion), and subsequently accepts the relevant terms and conditions that are incorporated into the Corporate Travel Agreement that will be issued and presented to it by Air Malta.  This page is not an offer to contract but merely an indication of the salient benefits forming part of the Air Malta Corporate Product. This page is not and shall not be in any manner construed as committing or binding upon Air Malta or as creating any obligation on the part of Air Malta towards any person/entity. 

For more information, please send us an email on [email protected] or call us on (356) 22 999 530 | (356) 22 999 265