We take care of your special baggage

Every trip is different. Take what you need with you. 

If you need to take a special item to your destination, we will always try to accommodate you. While your needs will vary from trip to trip, in this category you will find some of the key details you will need.
At Air Malta we currently classify the following as Air Malta special baggage: 

Musical Instruments 

We’re delighted to help you carry your musical equipment with you to/from Malta or beyond.  

Musical instruments and/or equipment are accepted as checked baggage, carry-on baggage or cabin-seat baggage — depending on their size and shape. If you’re checking-in your musical instruments, please help us to keep your instrument safe by packing it in a strong case. 

Small musical instruments are permitted for carriage as Hand Baggage on Air Malta operated flights, space permitting. These include bugles, clarinets, flutes, guitars, piccolos, saxophones, trumpets, violas and violins. Maximum weight of instruments cannot exceed 10kgs. Carriage as Hand Baggage is subject to available space in the overhead storage compartment and strictly at the Captain’s discretion. Please note that the musical instrument will be the only piece of Hand Baggage that you will be allowed to carry on board.

What Instruments Can I Check-In?

All musical instruments or equipment can be checked in if the total weight falls within your normal baggage allowance. If you go beyond the allowed weight limit you will have to buy an excess baggage voucher. 

At only €40 per piece per flight when booking on https://shop.airmalta.com/, we’re simply giving you the power to follow through with your passion and enjoy your trip. 

Medicine and Medical Devices

Your health and comfort on board our flights are our priority. If you need to carry certain medical equipment such as an oxygen tank or medicine on your flight, please fill in the Medical Form at least 24 hours before your flight. 

You will be required to present a medical certificate from your doctor to confirm that the medication/equipment is required. The certificate will need to include the details of the medication and its intended use. 


Firearms for use in sporting events carry their own special rules when being carried on board our flights. Read more.

Travelling with Pets

We know how much your pets can be important to you, so why not take them with you on holiday?

You have three options to carry your pet on Air Malta scheduled flights:

  1. Pets carried in the passenger cabin (PETC)
  2. Pet as Accompanied Checked in Baggage (AVIH) – available from the 27th October 2013.
  3. Pet in Cargo hold

Read more.

Equipment for Infants and Children

Traveling with your infant or child has been made easier for you. You can carry a collapsible stroller with you to the aircraft steps where it will be stowed in the hold and delivered back to you upon arrival at your destination. If the stroller fits in the baggage sizer and weighs not more than 10 kilos, you are allowed to take it on board in lieu of your hand luggage. 

If you have reserved a seat for your infant child (younger than 2 years), we recommend that you bring your own child safety seat. Due to safety regulations, please send an email to our passenger handling team at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure to confirm that the type of seat you own will be allowed on board.

Food items

Safety regulations will vary according to the country you’re departing from. If you need to take special food with you on board, please get in touch with our call centre for assistance.


We suggest that you contact us for specific instructions.

For your safety and that of your fellow passengers, pointed, sharp-edged or blunt items and explosive, flammable, chemical and toxic substances are strictly prohibited. Visit our baggage restrictions page to learn more. 

How to reserve your special baggage

  1. You can make a reservation for your special baggage with our call centre. Find contact details here.
  2. Be ready to quote your name, surname and booking reference code from your ticket (made up of six letters.) 
  3. We advise all our passengers to reserve special baggage at least 48 hours before departure to avoid disappointment. 
  4. Make sure your reservation is confirmed via email before you head to the airport. 
  5. While extra care will be given to your possessions, it is strongly recommended that you book separate insurance to cover the value of your special baggage in the case of loss or damage.