Discover the village of Nadur, Gozo

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You cannot say you’ve explored Gozo before you’ve given each of the villages its’ due consideration. One of the larger villages in Gozo is Nadur. Set on a hilltop, the village of Nadur stands vigilant from its vantage point on the northeastern side of the island, overlooking the island and the sea.

Words by VisitGozo & Ministry for Gozo | Extract taken from August's 2023 Il-Bizzilla Magazine

Check out these things you need to see or visit while touring the village of Nadur in Gozo:

Nadur’s Parish Church – The Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul

Considered one of the gems on the island, the Nadur parish church is a basilica that dates back to the 18th century, and the elegant looks and embellishments that adorn the church are a more recent addition. In 1907, the church underwent a significant facelift through Maltese architect Francesco Saverio Sciortino’s opulent refurbishment in the Italian Renaissance style, including Italian marble and French glass window. Magnificent ceiling paintings depicting scenes from the lives of the patron saints St. Peter and St. Paul are the works of Lazzaro Pisani.

Mixta Cave

Thousands have visited Mixta Cave. The primordial call of the place overlooking the dreamy bay of Ramla is challenging to describe in words. The spot takes a different character according to the season, weather and time of day. Serene and dreamy in the sunshine, the place becomes magical at sunset and resonates with the spectacular vibe in the evening. Arriving at the spot involves following a long, winding country road, but it is all worth it.

Maxokk & Mekrek Bakeries – Home of the Gozo Ftira

Suppose words are difficult to describe the ethereal scene from Mixta Cave. In that case, it is somewhat equally tricky to describe the smell of freshly baked bread, pizzas and traditional ftiras that wafts into the street from the bakeries that are so much known in Nadur. These bakeries have become household names in Malta and Gozo and are synonymous with the best ftira in Malta. Their fares which are not limited to the Gozo ftira but also include pizza, are highly sought after and ideal as a quick snack to share with friends and the perfect picnic lunch. A swim at Ramla, Daħlet Qorrot or San Blas beach cannot be complete without picking some good grub from the bakery on the way home. Beyond the bakeries, you might want to check out some seriously popular Nadur restaurants.

Nadur Beaches - San Blas Beach, St Filep’s Hidden Bay, and Daħlet Qorrot

Nadur extends from the eastern tip of Ramla Bay to Daħlet Qorrot. This means that while in Nadur, one can easily take a slight detour to one of the breathtakingly beautiful beaches. San Blas beach lies at the bottom of a steep valley. Getting to the bay can be awkward, especially for those who shy away from precipitous descents, but once at the beach, the red sand and the quiet of the beach will make up for the effort. San Filep, considered one of Gozo’s secret beaches, is only reached via a footpath. Swimming and snorkelling in the crystalline transparent emerald waters is a joy. On the other hand, Daħlet Qorrot is a quaint bay fully accessible by car, and thus it should be on the list of things to do for families with little kids or elderly members.

Ta’ Kenuna Tower, Ta’ Isopu Tower and the Malta National Astronomical Observatory

As a lookout post, towers are part of the Nadur’s landscape. The Isopu Tower standing on the promontory between San Blas and Daħlet Qorrot dates back to 1667 when it was built by Grandmaster Nicholas Cottoner. One interesting quip about this tower is that its guns fired at the French fleet that had sailed from Toulon under General Napoleon Bonaparte. 

The area around Ta’ Isopu Tower is also one which is favoured by astronomers. The zone is adequately dark and ideal for star observation. While the recently inaugurated observatory is a professional one and is not open to the public, public outreach events are in the pipeline. 

Highly visible from different areas of Gozo, the British built Ta’ Kenuna Tower, which served as a telegraph tower. Today the tower is surrounded by a botanical garden that is part of a belvedere overlooking the views of Comino and the Gozo-Malta channel.

Kelinu Galea Maritime Museum

The call of the sea in the village of Nadur is real. Not only is the sea one of the main items on the heraldic coat of Arms, but Nadur has a private maritime museum. This private collection is a treasure trove of memorabilia collected over 65 years. A must-see for anyone after maritime lore!

The charm of Nadur lies in the concoction of all that is Nadur. From the opulence and elegance of the basilica to the raw and primal vibe of Għar Mixta, the scrumptious taste of the Gozitan ftira and the captivating views from a village, there is no doubt that a visit to Nadur has to be one of the things to do while in Gozo!