Malta Covid19 Forms & Information

Kindly consult the official Government website.

Passengers aged 12 years and over are required to present one of the following:

  • A valid recognized vaccine certificate; or
  • A negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours before arrival; or
  • A negative Rapid Antigen Test taken within 24 hours before arrival; or
  • A recovery certificate following a positive PCR test result that is not older than 180 days and not less than 14 days prior travel.

Passengers compliant with the above do not need to quarantine.

Malta recognizes the: 

  • MT Vaccine Certificate
  • EU Digital Covid Certificate (Vaccination Certificate) issued by EU, EEA and the verifiable vaccine certificate issued by non-EU countries connected to the EUDCC  ​gateway including Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Bahrain, Benin, Cape Verde, Colombia,  Ecuador,  El Salvador, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Republic of Korea, Kosovo, Lebanon, Madagascar, Malaysia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Panama, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, UK, and the Crown Dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man), Ukraine, Uruguay, the Vatican City and VietNam.
  • Angola – Digital Certificate – Vaccination against COVID-19
  • Argentina Ministerio de Salud – Covid-19 Vaccination
  • Australia COVID-19 Digital Certificate as verified through Medicare Express Plus App
  • Azerbaijan Vaccination Card
  • Bermuda Ministry of Health Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Republika Srpska – Certificate of the COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Brazil – Certificado Nacional de Vacinação Covid-19 (using ConecteSUS app)
  • Canadian COVID-19 Provincial Immunisation Records as verified by Verifly app. The VeriFLY app is available on Google Play ( and Apple App Store ( Go to to VeriFLY FAQs.
  • Chile Digital Vaccination Certificate
  • China vaccine certificates (International Travel Health Certificate in WeChat app); Hong Kong COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination Record; Taiwan [as shown on NHI app])  ​ 
  • Egyptian digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate
  • Eswatini – COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Ethiopia Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Ghana Health Service COVID-19 Vaccination Card
  • India – Final Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Iraq - COVID-19 Vaccination Card issued by Kurdistan Regional Government
  • Ivory Coast COVID-19 Vaccination certificate (using maSante CI app)
  • Japan - Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19 (verified using VeriFLY)
  • Kenya – COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Kuwait Ministry of Health SARS-COV-2 Vaccination Certificate
  • Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Health COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate
  • Libya - National Center for Disease Control - Libya State of Libya COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Maldives covidSafe COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate (using covidSafe app)
  • Mauritius COVID-19 Vaccination Pass (as scanned using beSafeMoris app)
  • Nigeria’s COVID-19 Vaccination Certification Verification
  • Oman Immunisation Certificate for COVID-19
  • Pakistan Immunisation Certificate for COVID-19
  • Palestinian Ministy of Health Vaccination Certificate
  • Peruvian Ministero de Salud - Certificado de Vacunacion
  • Philippines International Certificate of Vaccination (with QR code)
  • Qatar vaccination certificate issued by the Ministry of Public Health
  • Rwanda – COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate issued by Rwanda Biomedical Centre (only on presentation of mobile number and respective code)
  • Saudi Arabia – Vaccine Certificate issued by 
  • South Africa COVID-19 e-vaccination certificate (using Verifly app)
  • Sri Lanka Ministry of Health Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Tanzania Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Uganda COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • US  CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card verified through the VeriFLY app. The VeriFLY app is available on Google Play ( and Apple App Store ( Go to to VeriFLY FAQs
  • Yemen COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • The Gibraltar vaccination certificate

The following Standards apply: 


Updated 4th July 2022.