For the safety and security of all airport guests, Malta International Airport has limited access to certain landside shopping outlets and eateries, that were previously also accessible to visitors, to travelling guests only. Whenever possible, passengers are encouraged to use contactless methods of payment, such as credit cards or mobile phones, to avoid the unnecessary handling of bank notes and coins.


Outlets available before security screening


Outlets available after security screening



If you feel like breakfast before your early-morning flight, a snack to take on the plane with you, or a bigger meal to fuel your energy levels, you’ll surely find something on the menu to satisfy your appetite at the different eateries at Malta International Airport. Grab a bite to eat at:


Whether it is a souvenir for your family or a small gift for yourself, you are sure to find it at one of the outlets at Malta International Airport. With all shops at Departures being less than 10 minutes away from the gates, you can shop to your heart’s content until the last minute. Find everything you need at:

Just a few metres away from the terminal, SkyParks Business Centre offers more restaurants and services:

For the full list of shopping outlets at Malta International Airport, please click here.