Six Top Sights - March 2023

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Extract taken from March's 2023 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


War shelter

During the war, shelters were hewn out of the bastions. Families lived in them during bombardments. Today, you can see the doorways to this time in history closed up. To see what it was like in a shelter, you can visit the Malta at War Museum in Birgu.



Basilica of Our Lady of Victories

The Basilica is thought to have been built in 1580 to commemorate the Great Siege of 1565. The layers of history that make up the paintings in the dome of Our Lady of Victories are many. Marvel at their ethereal beauty!



Typical street in Senglea

The best way to spend a day in Senglea and the Three Cities, is to go without a plan and wander the streets where you will be immersed in the authentic, daily lives of residents, and discover small galleries and shops.




Located in a garden at the very tip of the Senglea promontory, the Gardjola is an iconic symbol of Malta. Take a wander and be rewarded with the views of the Grand Harbour and Valletta; vibrant at any time of day or night.



St Michael’s Cave

Legend has it that a cursed mermaid took refuge in the cave and sang to lure fishermen; if she was kissed, she would turn to stone. You have to visit for yourself to see if she, or a stone version remains. In later years, the cave was the entrance to war shelters.



View from the sea

The best way to get to Senglea has to be by boat; small craft and water taxis as well as ferries serve the area. As you approach, the sheer scale of the bastions is apparent. Cafes and eateries are ready to welcome you.