Gozo Summer

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As the summer sun casts its golden rays over the island of Gozo, the tranquil isle awakens with a vibrant burst of cultural celebrations and captivating events. From the renowned Gozo festa season to an array of live performances and various festivals, there is something to entice every visitor to this charming Mediterranean gem this summer.


Words by VISITGOZO / MINISTRY FOR GOZO | Extract taken from July's 2023 Il-Bizzilla Magazine | Read more here


Gozo Festa Season: A Testament to Tradition

Weekly festas until mid-September

Gozo's beloved festa season is a celebration like no other. Each village on the island organises days of festivities to honour its patron saint, transforming the streets into a lively mosaic of colour, music, and heartfelt revelry. During festa time, the air is filled with infectious excitement and a sense of community. Be prepared to immerse yourself in beautiful church functions, captivating street marches, dazzling fireworks, and traditional street food that will leave you craving for more.



Live Performances: The Heartbeat of a Gozo Summer

Daily performances until mid-September

The island's main piazzas and public spaces come alive throughout the summer with daily live performances, adding an extra layer of charm to Gozo's vibrant atmosphere. The stages are set for talented local artists to showcase an eclectic range of music. Whether you find yourself in Marsalforn, Nadur, Qala, Mġarr, Xlendi, Victoria, or Xewkija, you can expect to be serenaded and entertained by the diverse talents that grace the island.


Victoria International Arts Festival

Ongoing until 10th July

The Victoria International Arts Festival (VIAF) stands as a distinguished cultural event in Malta, embodying a rich legacy as the country's longest-running festival of its kind. Spanning five weeks from June to July each year, VIAF showcases a captivating fusion of orchestral, choral, and chamber music. During this period, Victoria, the heart of Gozo, becomes a haven where artists from across the globe unite, leaving an indelible mark on the soul of this exquisite Mediterranean island.


Ħondoq by Night: An Enchanting Evening Escape

7th July

Experience the captivating ambiance of the tranquil Ħondoq Bay in Qala, Gozo. This enchanting event combines the beauty of nature with live music, creating a magical evening escape. Delight in the rhythmic beats and soulful melodies as you enjoy a memorable night under the starlit sky at Ħondoq, embracing the spirit of Gozo.


Xwejni Music Fest: Beats by the Beach

22nd July

Picture yourself swaying to the rhythm of live music while the gentle caress of the sea breeze delights your senses.  The Xwejni Music Fest is a celebration encompassing a wide array of musical genres, with both local artists and acclaimed international performers gracing the stage. The Xwejni Music Fest presents an idyllic setting where you can revel in world-class performancs against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. Notably, this year’s lineup includes the internationally renowned artist Haddaway, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festival’s atmosphere.


That's not all there is happening on this little island. Experience the enthralling clash of Opera vs Pop under the stars, savour the harmonious melodies during concerts at the historic Ċittadella, indulge in culinary delights at the Gozo Edition of the Malta International Food Festival, immerse yourself in the captivating Xlendi Sunset Festival, celebrate the art of cinema at the Gozo Film Festival, revel in the vibrant Levant festival, and raise a glass at Nadur's Classic Wine Festival - Gozo's summer events will leave you with lasting memories and a longing to return again and again.



For more details and a thorough list of events, dates, and times go to www.visitgozo.com.